New Tute & New Cuff with Fish Leather

Hey everyone! I have a new pattern out just released this morning.  It uses the gorgeous Czech 2 hole Tile beads and Super Duos. I named it KAIRA


Kaira 2

You can get it from my website immediately with a digital download. It is also listed on my Etsy Page. My website uses STRIPE for payment, a full service shopping cart and accepts all major credit cards. If you happen to have the PayPal debit card, it can be used there too.

A week or so ago, I broke down and swiped a piece of my fish leather to make a cuff. I wanted to be able to know how well it worked up. I had a friend message me on Facebook and ask about getting a needle through the glazed fish leather. I have samples of the glazed and tried my #10 Pony needle and had NO problem at all to get a needle through it. The manufacturer I get mine from may differ in processing than other manufacturers. Mine does have a ‘thick’ leather, which I believe I read was due to a heavier coating on the shiny type. I will tell you, the suede works up beautifully and with very little in the way of sore fingers.  So here is a photo of my cuff. I used a fossilized coral cabochon and denim blue suede fish leather.

Denim Cuff

Listed on my website  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I have to go work up another pattern and I have to finish some work by next Friday for a magazine deadline. Be back real soon 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Just a reminder that I sell the fish leather! Well, Dave and I do. I have it on my website HERE  and I opened a shop for Dave on Etsy aka Good Quill’s Hunter. HE will be solely responsible for keeping it stocked. I have enough to do with GQH LOL


4 thoughts on “New Tute & New Cuff with Fish Leather

  1. Chris, Love the new tutorial using the Czech two holes. Now that I have a complete stock of TIlas, I find that I like the Czech beads better as they are larger, thicker and more casual looking. I like having a BW necklace that is not quite so dainty as most! On the fish leacher cuff, very nice. I love the unusual picot bezel with changing colors. DO you know of any resource (books) that has some of these differnt style bezeling techniques described/illustrated?
    Thanksa nd still loving my earrings! PAm

  2. OH! I am tempted by the fish leather and I have no idea how I’d like to use if. Awesome cuff too, and obviously, there is one splendid use! Plus, the beef is a cutie!

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