New Pattern: Hele Bracelet

Hi! I have been beading my fingers to the bone, beading is a great workout for the hands, keeps them thin and trim LOL I can only show you a little of what I have been up to. I have a new pattern out named ‘Hele’ pronounced: (HEY le). It is Estonian or Greek  and means ‘bright shining star’.  🙂 It is currently only available on my website. The benefit of that is that my website has digital download, so you can have it the minute you are done checking out. My website doesn’t take PayPal, only debit/credit cards, but if you have a PayPal debit card, then you are super hooked up. If you don’t have one yet, why? I love my PayPal debit card 😉

Click image to go directly to the website page for the Pattern

Click image to go directly to the website page for the Pattern

All the individual cuffs are for sale as well and listed on my website: HERE

I have been neglectful of posting a contest of my awesome friends over at Mirrix Looms. They are having a super cool contest to win one of these glorious looms!! I need one of those!! I ‘only’ have the Big Sister LOL

Click image to go to their contest page on their website

Click image to go to their contest page on their website

Back tot he beading table, I have one more deadline to meet for April 15th and then, I think, I will be done with magazine deadlines.  I also have my Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild challenge to work on to be done by the end of April. I was hoping to squeeze in the Fire Mountain contest too, we shall see. I think the deadline for that is the end of this month as well. Have to go look I suppose.

On my Etsy Patterns and Kits page, I have extended my 50% sale until March 31st. So get your patterns now, it will be a while before I have another sale!

and on my other Etsy page for my finished work, I am also having a sale until the end of March for 35% off my finished work. Same coupon code for both: MARCHMADNESS

The sweet Kelli Burns sent out the other day a newsletter featuring me, ‘ Artist Spotlight’! How cool is that??! Thanks Kelli!! To see the newsletter, go HERE. She is having a sale: Beautiful Genuine Toho Mixes. Save 20% OFF all in-stock Toho mixes right now through March 25th at midnight CST


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