Two Spikes You’re Out

This week has been busy, as usual.  Playing with spikes recently and I have made a slew of new hair sticks! For sale on my Etsy page. I have got to get them to my website soon. Those led me to the new earrings I made and a new tutorial. I named them ‘Two Spikes You’re Out’..a small play on words. 😀

Two Spikes You're Out Earrings

Group 2

This design also had the capacity to make a hair stick bobble. I was excited about that!

020 and a tweak from that one


You can get the new pattern on my Etsy page.

I have also been challenged to make some new items with fish leather. “Everyone is making cuffs, can you come up with something different?”  Well  if you all recall, I made the fish leather amulet bag not long ago, with the same thought in my mind. With that I will have a fish leather posting coming in a day or so with some ideas for you, you will love!


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