What Can Be Done With Fish Leather?

Answer: ANYTHING! Shoe stores around the world are using them for shoes! Wallets, purses, whatever the mind can think of! It is no different than any other leather, it is thin, pliable and strong and even smells like any other leather! In the jewelry business, people want to know, what can be done? Below I offer up some of my own inspiration. More can be done still.  I have more ideas and plans I hope to be able to get to soon.



Rings for your fingers

Rings for your fingers

Fish Leather Cabochon Necklace


Fish Leather Cabochon Necklace2

Denim Cuff



Now there are different finishes available in fish leather and different types of fish as well. The pieces shown above are all suede finishes. As you can see from the photos, the textures are different. The fish on the top is small scale and no ruffling. I believe that is Tilapia. The indigo fish leather is carp with a much larger scale and ruffling/more texture. With different fish also comes different sizes. I found the Tilapia to be a rather small piece of fish. The carp is much larger. I am hoping in June to get some more fish leather to sell in my shop and hopefully it will be different finishes and sizes. There is a rainbow of colors available as well. What beautiful options this source provides!



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