Finger Cuff Tutorial

After over 2 years and many many inquiries and lots of sold Finger Cuffs, I am finally presenting you with the tutorial and inside the tutorial is the link to purchase the blanks. I am sure over the last few years I have upset people by not handing over info about the supplier I have used, but I wanted these to stay unique to me for a while. although that didn’t quite happen, I gave it my best shot.

I started out just beading for sell-able items, not long into things I started writing patterns/tutorials. I don’t just write patterns and I don’t just make work to sell, I do both. Sometimes I just don’t want to give up my secrets immediately, if you want to call them secrets. Every person who does this work finds goodies others haven’t used yet, or has ideas that makes them unique. By giving up all that to sell, you make yourself less unique. At least that is what I believe.  🙂 I try to find a happy balance in there on a daily basis. So, without further adieu, here is my tutorial. This was recently published in Bead Design Studio, June 2013 issue. The coolest part is that all of the instructions weren’t used. The chaton style is included in my tutorial.

Chaton Style Finger Cuff-Click on image to go to Etsy Listing

I am working on another tutorial for a neck piece right now using the new Miyuki Baroque Pearl 6/0 seed beads, Super Duos, Miyuki #8 Picasso, #11’s and possibly Rizos. So hopefully that may be available later today as well. If so, I will add a new post.


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