New Work, New Patterns and a Sale

Hi all my beady friends! I am still finding myself rather busy…I LOVE it! I have so much to do and try hard to get it all done. Currently, I am having a 50% off sale on my finished work. Christmas in July on my Etsy page. Coupon Code is:: JULYXMAS and it runs until July 10th. I will be adding a few things this week, so pop on over there randomly.

I have added two new tutorials/patterns this week to my GQHPatternsandKits page and to my website as well.

Jasmyn Cuff

Jasmyn Cuff

Trynkyt Boxes

Trynkyt Boxes

My latest piece of work is called ‘Sanuye’


This was my first ever attempt at twisted fringe, which I found to be a real bugger, but the outcome was SO worth it. I think I have it down now, so shouldn’t be such a painful experience next time LOL For more images/details/purchase just go HERE

I was recently asked to put in a submission for one of my favorite magazines for the December issue of this year, so that is what I am working on this week. I also only have until this weekend. 😉 I have been a bit panicky about it, but I think now I may have something worthy. Off to find out. Have a wonderful week everyone!


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