I am long overdue for a post! Time is slipping away so fast and I can’t keep up LOL

First of all, I did a barrette up with a dichroic cab from Kerry Collett of CeltCraftDesigns. I have a few other pieces from her I can’t wait to do up.

Click image for details/purchase

Click image for details/purchase

Then comes a new tutorial I finished the other day.

Click to go to Etsy for details/purchase

Click to go to Etsy for details/purchase

Lentil Soup 2

This is a component piece which offers up a variety of finishing techniques. The technique shown is what is on the pattern, but you could certainly do it your way. Also included component earrings to whip up.

I know I have not shared a multitude of things I am doing, in great part because I can’t. I have a neck piece coming out in the December issue of Perlen Posie. They have announced that their magazine is going to be printed in German AND English as of this September! How exciting is that?! I can’t wait to see my piece in print and I think many of you will really enjoy it! It is very festive 🙂 I can’t wait to share!

and for yesterday’s news, I have joined forces with WhimBeads to provide you all with some free tutorials. These tutorials are EXCLUSIVE to WhimBeads and may NOT be taught! Please don’t ask. You may make and sell the pieces, giving credit to me.

exclusive [ɪkˈskluːsɪv]adj
(Business / Commerce) Commerce (of a contract, agreement, etc.) binding the parties to do business only with each other with respect to a class of goods or services

Click to go to WhimBeads for FREE tutorial

Click to go to WhimBeads for FREE tutorial

There will be more coming, so whip up a few of these while you wait 🙂

Show canceled-Due to a lack of wheels and the ability to rent some wheels, I reluctantly had to back out of the ROCK INTO THE WILD show this month. I feel really bad because I had committed and hopefully they do not think I am pulling wool over their eyes. I seriously have no way to get there. Breaks my heart! There is always next year however and hopefully things on my end will have changed by then.

Not sure if some of you know or not, but I belong to Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild (Facebook) (Blog). Sharayah Sheldon started the group a few years back with Kinga Nichols.  In any case, Sharayah has recently stepped down and made me Capt in her place. I am very honored to be in that position and hope I can fill her shoes. Follow us on Facebook and our blog!

Off to create! Have a great and safe weekend!


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  1. Congrats on all of your many accomplishments, Chris! I hate the car deal, for you. YOu are really liking the SuperDuos, huh?!! I found a pretty nice selection at Bello Mondo-had never ordered from them before…we shall see.
    Take care, Pam

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