See No Evil Finger Cuffs

I started a new series of Finger Cuffs just in time for the upcoming season, or for those who like to be different all the time 🙂 I am an all the timer, not just for special occasions LOL  The series is called ‘See No Evil’ Click on any image to take you directly to my website for details or purchase. These are simply made, so I put a simply made price on them and with shipping they are $21.00.

See No Evil-Animal One

See No Evil-Animal Two Front

See No Evil-Reptile Three Front

See No Evil-Reptile Two



So those are the rings. As you can see the last one is sold and it was actually my first one. I have about 15 more on the table in the works and they are all different.

Recently, I have finished a barrette for my ‘barrette lady’ and loyal customer. She has 10 barrettes of mine and has 2 more she wants to order. She liked the fancier fringed type and I adore making them for her. This is the ‘Tiffany Barrette’ named for the Tiffany stone used in the center.

Tiffany Barrette

and then I made another barrette with a fringe option

Click image for details/purchase

Click image for details/purchase

So currently, that is what I have been up to. I have like 25, all total, Finger Cuffs on my table. I have 4 more barrettes ready to go and ideas for so much just oozing out of every pore. If I could, I would totally give up sleeping. Be on the lookout for new tutorials! and I almost forgot! There is a new on on Whimbeads I made for them. It is free. Click image to go directly to it.

Flutterby Necklace

Flutterby Necklace

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