Hurray for October

October is my most favorite month of the year!

I think this is the longest ever since I have blogged! My profuse apologies! Not sure why, but I have been right out straight. I have been beading like a crazy person, but things I can’t show you. All will be revealed in time. I do have a new piece out since last post. I was totally inspired watching 4 seasons of ‘Merlin’ on Netflix. Back to back until they were done. The following piece is totally inspired by the show. I named it ‘Enchantment‘.

Enchantment 8

Enchantment 1

On other notes, this past Sunday I was able to escape my surroundings and my friend Sherry took Dave and I up into the mountains to crash the Colorado Bead Retreat, hosted by Betcey Ventrella and Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli teaching.  I was so very excited to go. I knew a bunch of people up there and many I had yet to meet. I am going to name drop. I had met these people at least once before: Betty Stephan, Nikia Angel, Beki Haley, Betcey Ventrella, Rachel Spence-Hungary, Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini. I wanted to meet everyone else though and I added to that: Amy Blevins, Julie Riecher Vasquez, Darcy Rosner, Karen Firnberg, Tiffany Nicole Garcia, Cyn Bicker, Patty Sledge, and one other lady and God help me, I am drawing a blank! She walked up to me with a finger cuff blank of her finger and held up her finger and said ‘is this you?’ LOLOL a moment I will never forget!!  That cracked me up and still does! I am sorry I do not remember your name, if you are reading this post, please comment and give me hell for forgetting 😉 and the nice lady who is doing my Manja pattern and lives in Florida. I hope I am not forgetting anyone!!

So this month is my 51st birthday (yuck!) and I am celebrating by having a 25% off sale of my patterns on my Etsy page! Coupon Code:: BDAY51 Good until October 12th.


4 thoughts on “Hurray for October

  1. Thanks for this coupon! I placed an order. Glad you had fun with the beading ladies in CO. I have known Sherry Serafini for nearly 30 years. Love her so much! Have a great weekend!!

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