This month, like every one as you start to age, is going quick quick! I finished up a couple of barrettes recently. It’s funny because I didn’t show the face one to my ‘barrette lady’ because she isn’t a fan of gold and she wants it. Add to  that, it doesn’t have fringe. Go figure 🙂

Plum Barrette 1

Click Image to go directly to listing on my website

Click image to go directly to the listing on my website

I decided yesterday to make a tutorial on how to make tutorials on Power Point. I see it asked frequently’ how do I make a tutorial’ and ‘what program does everyone use’. So thought I would share my affordable way of doing it and my many years of expertise with Power Point.

Click image to go to my Etsy Pattern shop

Click image to go to my Etsy Pattern shop

I have been very busy ‘behind the scenes’ doing stuff I can’t discuss right now. It will all become unfolded soon enough. 😉 So I have been very productive this month, other than what I am posting! Happy Friday and Blood Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunter’s moon and Luna eclipse tonight!


2 thoughts on “Newness

  1. I can see why your barrette lady bought the “face” barrette. It’s so unique and wonderfully made! Your work is exquisite!!! 🙂

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