Let’s Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!! Personally speaking, glad to be on with it and past the holidays. First on the list is to tell you the new Beadwork magazine is out and the first round of Designer of the Year projects! I am beyond excited about this year and all it will bring! ‘Icelandia’ is the first piece I have in there. It reminded me of an Icelandic sweater when I finished, hence the name.


Next on the agenda is this year’s Haute Couture Beading Contest. It is basically the same, but with a cool twist! Currently, I am looking for Sponsors. What does a Sponsor entail? A Sponsor is someone would would like to put up a prize for the Contest. This could be supply/tool/kit/pattern. I offer only one prize, Grand Prize. Your link would go on the Sponsor page until Contest is complete (almost a whole year). I have to change one rule this year and any prizes need to be sent in advance. I will box and ship myself. This works for several reasons: 1. you do not have to be reminded by me after almost a year | 2. you do not have to pay shipping and that could possibly be to Europe or Russia | 3. this allows me to photograph the item to put next to your Sponsorship link | 4. this ensures the prize will get to the Winner in a timely manner. If you are interested, drop me an email: christina@goodquillhunting.com | Subject:Sponsor

I have recently finished a new barrette. This is done up with a Czech button i have had in my stash for some time. I can’t even find them anymore unfortunately, because I wanted to make a couple more, hopefully in different colors.

Click image for purchase/details

Click image for purchase/details

The piece shown in my last blog entry for Perlen Poesie magazine will be released for sale in less than a week on my website. I will definitely keep you posted for that!

I think that is all for now. I am diligently beading and have lots of large plans for this year. Last year I did lots of smaller items, this year I am hoping to focus on some unusual pieces I have had on my mind for a long time now. Have a fabulous weekend!



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