New Tutes

Hope everyone’s New Year is going well so far. Time flies whether you are having fun or not..I for one, am having fun 😀

The piece I had in Perlen Poesie has been released for sale. You can purchase on my WEBSITE or ETSY

Seraphina of Thornton Test

Speaking of Etsy, I reluctantly decided to reopen the patterns page. So if you are a follower or a shopper, I am still around. Next up for new tutes is a Gumdrop Bead piece, name Melange.


MelangeThis is currently only in my Etsy shop HERE

Just finished up my 4th deadline for Beadwork magazine. Smaller scale, but I think lots of fun.

I have made a few decisions for this year and a few things that have been on the back burner for far too long are going to see fruition this year. After much thought, that is my ‘resolution’ to my creative self.

I would also like to add that I have been accepted to teach this April at the Rocky Mountain Bead Show. This is a local show that I have only attended once since moving here to Denver and now I will be a teacher….. so excited!!! Classes will be ‘Quimby Necklace’, ‘Hele Bracelet’ and ‘Picot de Gala Bracelet’. For details, please go to their website:


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