Busy as ever…

Since my last post so much has happened!! Dave and I went to Phoenix, Az so he could take a workshop. That was a super fun trip, even though it was more like a whirlwind! LOL

An enhanced photo of a Saguaro cactus

An enhanced photo of a Saguaro cactus

While I held the fort down at the hotel and Dave was at the workshop, I worked on a freeform beaded bracelet.

Luna-Freeform Cuff

Luna-Freeform Cuff

We then came back to Denver and I got busy making another freeform cuff, this one in bead embroidery.

Stepping Stones Freeform Cuff

Stepping Stones Freeform Cuff

In the midst of all this, I found out I won a spot on the Mirrix Loom ‘Social Market for a Mirrix’. I had hesitated because of the commitment factor, but decided to apply. You will see lots of loom events and more frequent blog posts from me starting next week. I am super excited!!!

While all the goodies pot was being stirred with loveliness, Dave quit his job and thankfully, a week later got a job of his dreams. So with some sugar, often comes some salt.

More sugar came when I was asked to teach at my friend, Kelli Burns shop In Bartlesville, OK on our upcoming May trip. We finally got all the details worked out and here is the banner. You can click on the banner to Register for classes.

THBS flyer

Rocky Mountain Bead Show is coming up at the end of April! I will be teaching 3 classes there. Click on the banner above and go to ‘Select by Instructor’

Click banner to go to website

Click banner to go to website

I will also be teaching at the Bead Society in Derby, Kansas on May 20th on our way to Oklahoma. This is not open to the public and I think all the spaces have been reserved as well. This will be a great first day of our trip and I look forward to meeting and teaching more beaders!

So much going on it is crazy! On a personal note, my oldest Son from Maine was having Management meetings in California last week and decided to pop over here in Denver for a few days on his way back to Maine. I haven’t seen him since Oct 2010. This was a fabulous surprise!!

A week before we go to Oklahoma, my youngest Son is coming in for 5 days to attend an event at Red Rocks. He is coming in from Florida and I haven’t since him since Oct 2010 either. Feeling pretty on top of the world right now!! It is a GREAT feeling! I hope you are all feeling the same way and I shall be blogging as early as Tuesday when my new loom comes in 🙂

Almost forgot! A fun new pair of earrings!

Stacked Crystal Earrings

Stacked Crystal Earrings


One thought on “Busy as ever…

  1. Oh wow Chris!!! You’re going to be so close to me, but if I pay for the class, I wouldn’t have enough gas money to come down there!! 😦 LOL I sure wish Springfield (Mo) would do something like this once in a while!!! Good luck with the classes and have a safe trip! Judy E. Pennington.

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