Judging Your Work

I just finished judging a good size contest, which is what prompted this blog post. Following are my thoughts on contest entering to those who are squeamish or nervous about entering one.

As I was going through all the entries, I would have thoughts about what I wish the entrant would have done to make it easier to judge.


1. Have multiple photos, including some close ups. One photo may not be enough to decide!

2. Make sure your photos aren’t too dark. If you don’t have a photo editor, ask a friend or get one. You will need one if you enter lots of contests or sell your jewelry. I recommend Corel Paint Shop Pro (affordable and user friendly).

3. Use a decent background. Crumbled/wrinkled piles of fabric and a photo shot too far away just looks really bad. Do not use a weird color background, use a neutral color. Not a fan of red or blue backgrounds, it just really detracts from the work and usually they are pretty bad shades of those colors, never mind photo editing. Your photos are AS important as the work you just did! Take the time to do it right.

4. DO NOT use work you have entered in previous contests or something that has been done for a while! When you enter a contest, the piece should be made for THAT contest, unless otherwise stated. You never know who the judges will be and they may have seen that piece before! Plus, it is just not cool! Period.

5. Be careful what category you enter, if there are multiple categories. Someone had submitted a gorgeous wire worked piece and they entered it into ‘Emerging Artists’ instead of ‘Metal and Wireworking’. She would have gotten 1st spot from me if she had entered into ‘Metal and Wireworking’.

These are just my own personal thoughts on the subject, but I really felt the need to say these things. I had a great time being a judge and very flattered to have been asked!


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