Sun Spots, Tango Beads & Butterfly Effect

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I hope this first post of the New Year finds you all well and you all had a safe and happy holiday season. I have been busy, as usual, beading. I have taken this year ‘almost off’ from any commitments to pursue things I have wanted to do for a long time. Some are large, some are Gallery style and some may just be tutorials.

I have just finished a tutorial. I call them ‘Sun Spots‘. When you use Swarovski that comes naturally, but when you pair Swarovski with the new Dragon Scale beads, they could probably be near blinding in the sunshine and cause sun spots on your eyes. 😀

Sun Spots Hair Sticks 3

Unfoiled Fuchsia 2

Many color options available. Click image to go to my website

Crystal AB Finger Cuff

3 color options available. Click image to go to website

Sacred Fire Cuff

Next up, I was offered to work on these new beads coming out. They are called Tango Beads and are available through Bead Masters in Brooklyn, NY (wholesalers). They have them available, but the official launch will be in February. This is the one design I have so far and through the grapevine, I hear I will be getting some colored ones to work with soon (I do have some turquoise though). I have a few designs on the table for these. I will probably make tutorials too for these beads.


I just listed a whole bunch of my Butterfly Effect earrings on my website and Etsy. Here are a few samples:

Pink Copper

Turq 2Blue 2

Have a fabulous weekend!

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