Catching Up

Thought I would catch up on all my beadwork to post. I have been very busy, crazy Summer. First things first, I would like to announce a SALE I am having!

SALE!! Finished work on my Etsy page. I rarely have a sale, so maybe some early Christmas shopping is in order? I have new items listed and I WILL be listing other things every day. I have LOTS of inventory! 30% off with Coupon Code: FALLISHERE Runs until Sept 26, 2015

Now here is a barrage of work I have finished since my last blog post.

Image1This is a take on Mirabella. I taught this in May at the Derby Building Guild in Kansas. I have made this into a tutorial. I had a few kits leftover when  I got back, but they have both been sold since. You can get the tutorial either on my website or Etsy.

When I got back from Kansas, I was pretty low on hair sticks, so I plunged into those for a few weeks.



You can find any of these on my Etsy page. I haven’t listed them yet on my website.

I bought some 2-hole Cabochons and they are SO cute and little! I also bought some of the Es-O beads and loved them too. They are similar to a Super Duo, only squished 🙂 I made a new pattern with those for a necklace or a cuff. Available on my website or Etsy.


Working for The Beadsmith as part of the Inspiration Squad, we were given some of these gorgeous new Czech glass cabochons. These are the 2 new pieces I have with them.



I have had this raku wolf head bead for some time. originally, I was going to make a cuff with it, but it turned into a necklace 🙂 This is available in my Etsy shop.


Next up, I have had a few headband blanks for some time and wanted to do a headband. I also ended up doing a cuff to match. Each sold separately and both in my Etsy shop.



Somewhere in the midst of all of the above, I thought I would try my hand at some crocheted and beaded bracelets. I have seen many around and thought they were so fabulous. I have been crocheting since I was 6 years old, so this was old hat for me. These are on my website and in my Etsy shop.




Something else I have had for a while. This beautiful Vintage brass stamping. It isn’t perfect, but it is old and I loved it. This is listed in my Etsy shop.


I made a barrette similar to this a while ago and decided to make another one. This is also in my Etsy shop.


This next piece is made with a cabochon I created. It is glass and I have bunches more and I just love the marbled look. This is in my Etsy shop.


and I have another design getting ready for pattern publishing one of these days.



I think that is all that is jewelry related for now. In other notes, I am expecting my first Grandchild in December. We already know it is a boy and his name will be Jacson. In preparing for his arrival, I made these booties that you have all probably seen. I had to improvise on the top portion. As adept as I am to this needlework form, I had much trouble with the directions. They came out cute just the same with my improvisational skills.


and a project we are taking underway next year…a camper. A Vintage 1948 canned ham overhaul and rebuild! I started a blog, but we are in the midst of straightening out the abandonment issue with a motor vehicle here in Colorado. Red tape…sigh  😀 Follow my other blog if you like. Probably won’t get anything else posted on it for a few more months.


So this concludes today’s blog post. I am not going to promise to post more often because that ends up making me a liar LOL I will promise you though, I will post again, soon I hope ! Cheers!!

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