Hi all! I have been away for a while now, but I have a bunch of new work to share! 🙂 We’ll go from current and work our way backwards from my last post.

I found these FABULOUS embossed Vintage cuff bracelets and HAD to have them!

FB Banner2

I have more where they came from and plan on getting more. I have them listed on my website and on Etsy. They are fun and affordable!

I found this gorgeous brass cross stamping and had a vision for it right away. This is also on my website or Etsy.


I have been wanting to make a Sami bracelet for a very long time now. I went for a non-traditional Sami bracelets and made it on a brass blank. Generally, these are made as a soft Unisex bracelet. I have one on the table in the works and hopefully more soon. Website/Etsy


I had fun making this next cuff bracelet. I actually bent the metal to conform on the sides. Website/Etsy


This next cuff has the most gorgeous stone! Imperial Jasper! Website/Etsy


Next up, I LOVE these! I bought a slew of Shibori ribbon with the plan of making about 10 of these, but stopped at 3 LOL I have sold one of them already, so 2 remain. Website/Etsy




These next 2 cuffs were made to announce a line of brass blanks from The Beadsmith. These are 2 of a few new styles they have available. They aren’t listed yet, as I don’t have them in my custody, but if interested, let me know and I can save it for you.



and last, but not least, I made a beaded bead tutorial 😀


So that is 2016 in a ‘nutshell’…so far LOL I have tons of ideas, they never seem to stop. Be back soon ❤


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