Calista Necklace Pattern

Hot off the beading table! A new design and a necklace for sale 😀

This new piece uses the new beads: Arcos par Puca, Minos par Puca and Jeweled Honeycomb beads. For sparkle there are also plenty of the new 2True fire polish crystals.



Necklace for sale here:

Pattern for sale here:

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2 thoughts on “Calista Necklace Pattern

  1. I take it you are not on etsy now. I bought the necklace, but I know how I want to change it a bit to not be so long. Glad to see new patterns. When I get home, I’ll check to see if I have Savannah. Kathleen

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    • I need to pay my bill on Etsy from the very very long summer 🙂 The shortening is super easy, you shouldn’t have any problem, but if you do, you know how to reach me. Savannah is also new like 6 days ago. Going to try to put out more patterns the rest of this year, until I burn out on it LOL Thank you Kathleen!!

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