NEW Beaded Bracelet Pattern

My first new pattern of 2017! I named it ‘Rulla-Rific’. It is available on my website or on Etsy



I have also added a Clearance page on my website for jewelry I have had a while. I will add to it periodically, but there are some super low prices in there! Have a look HERE

In addition to beadwork, I have a love affair with yarn! I actually love needlework of all sorts! I have been sewing since I was 8 and I adore cross stitch. Many of us beaders have a variety of needlework in our background. I have added pages to my website for hats and scarves, etc. I have also become very determined to expand my knitting capabilities. Crocheting is my strength, as I learned that at 6 years old,  my very first needlework. Here is a small preview of what I do, but you can see all the finished goods on my website in ‘Fiber Shop‘.

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