New Goodies

A few cool things to share with you all today. Amy Blevins finished up my Aemelia piece and it looks mahhhvelous!! She posted a fabulous review on her blog, if you are inclined.

Thanks so much Amy! I love to see all the color choices people make and this one is a awesome!

I have just finished a pair of boxes, although they were supposed to be a trio LOL I have submitted them to a certain mag to see about having them published…so anxiously sitting by my email  😉 I really love how they came out and have answered a few questions about them on my Facebook wall.  1)They are not wooden, although they could be. 2)They are not lined, although a larger size could be, these ones were just too small. I do realize the word ‘Trynket’ is spelled wrong, just did that for appearance and fun sake LOL

Off to the beading table. I do have to stop by my website to add Amy’s and Kristen’s pieces to the Aemelia page first, as promised.


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